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How To Improve Your Hotel's Internet Marketing

Tips and examples on how to boost your hotel's online marketing results. Read about how online channels can help you drive bookings and increase profitability. By Ignite Hospitality.


The online distribution channel is the only current growth channel for hotels.

In 2010, 45% of hotel bookings are made on the Internet of which 62% will be Direct Online Sales through a hotel’s own website. It's therefore more important than ever to make sure customers can find you on the Internet, like what they find and ultimately make a booking.

Bookings made through your own website have a MUCH lower distribution cost than other channels:

  • Wholesale - 40%
  • 3rd Party – 21%
  • GDS – 14%
  • Direct Through Own Website – 8% (including SEO & PPC Costs)

Learn how to attract more potential customers to your hotel website using online marketing techniques, then convert more of them to actual bookings. With over 50 years collective experience in the hospitality industry and hotel internet marketing, Ignite Hospitality Consultants provide a range of online marketing services for hotels and have developed a course of FREE introductory guides on how best to market your hotel on the web.

4000% Return On Investment for Our Clients

“Ignite Hospitality have been handling all of our Internet marketing for the past few years. The results have been superb, with a consistent return on investment that often surpasses 4000% on email communications. The redevelopment of our website has resulted in us gaining high conversion rates and great visibility for a wide range of search terms on Google. Many companies claim they are experts in Internet Marketing for hotels, Ignite actually are.

It's the integration of our website and internet marketing activities including Email, Adwords, SEO and our specialist built online shopping basket for gift vouchers, all provided by Ignite, that has allowed us to see such impressive returns. I would highly recommend Ignite for any quality Hotel.”

Peter Hinchcliffe, Director, Alexander Hotels

So how can we help YOU?

Browse through this hotel internet marketing website and pick up plenty of hints & tips.

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Free Introductory guides to Internet Marketing for Hotels

Sign up to our introductory course and receive 5 FREE lessons that will provide you with a good understanding of hotel internet marketing. Each lesson is delivered by email over the course of five days, covering the following topics:

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