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3 tips from stand up comedy to improve your hotel social media

Recently a friend of mine decided to embark on a career in stand up comedy. Err... No. I just made that up. This is really just an excuse to list a few tips on how to inject some inspiration into restaurant social media marketing based on advice usually shared among those masters of monologues, gladiators of giggles, banes of hecklers... stand up comedians.

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Internet Marketing Mix Analysis Model

The Ignite Hospitality Internet Marketing Mix Analysis Model for Hotels, demonstrating how your website is the hub of all your online marketing activity.

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Be Seen to Be Successful

Following on my previous article on website design for booking conversions, this month I'll be explaining how to ensure your website is as visible as possible to search engines. Marketing has evolved over the last decade as Search Engines such as Google enable you to place your business directly in front of people who are actively looking for what you provide. This is a very direct approach and is a highly cost effective way to communicate with your potential customers.

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E's Are Good

Hopefully that's caught your attention, because the E's I'm talking about are Email, the key communication tool that every hospitality business should be utilising on a regular basis.

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Nothing Works in Isolation

Over the last few months I have been writing in this column about the various online marketing tools available to hospitality businesses and discussing how you can use these tools to drive business. In this final article in the series specific to internet marketing techniques I'll be bringing everything together to illustrate how the different communication tools interact and compliment each other.

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You Get What You Pay For

Previously I discussed the art of Search Engine Optimisation and how to ensure your website is built in such a way that it is highly visible to Google. These techniques are free in the sense that once your site appears in the search results for your important keywords it doesn't cost you anything for people to find your website.

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Social Branding - Friends, Tweets & Check Ins

The world of social media has not long been with us but already it is a powerful marketing force. Word of Mouse cannot be ignored and clever hospitality operators know that this relatively new technology must be harnessed and nurtured. Social media channels can become highly useful marketing tools if you know how to use them. As with all marketing communications there are techniques you can employ to ensure they benefit your business rather than hinder it and it pays to understand how each of them work and how they interact.

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