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Hotel Case Study

Case Study of Internet Marketing for Alexander Hotels


Luxury boutique hotel group, Alexander Hotels, initially engaged Ignite Hospitality to redevelop their website a number of years ago. The development process was led by the key objective to significantly increase online bookings through the group’s own website. Ignite has an ongoing role to deliver a comprehensive range of techniques to increase booking conversions, improve site visits, drive social media engagement, monitor results and support the group in all their online marketing requirements.


The key objective is to continuously drive online bookings through Alexander Hotel's website.

Secondary objectives include:

  • Significantly increase usability for guests.
  • Enhance the brand positioning of Alexander Hotels as a group.
  • Significantly improve search engine visibility.
  • Provide a user-friendly experience for customers.
  • Support offline communications channels.


  • Strategically planned navigation structure and introduced key persuasion assets.
  • Re-designed online brand and planned content structure.
  • Built bespoke conversion tools for gift vouchers and spa.
  • Established campaigns for each hotel to increase traffic to the website.
  • Incorporated SEO techniques to site build and undertook comprehensive link building campaign and affiliate network.
  • Set up Email communications templates with click buttons to website conversion pages.
  • Regularly run multi-channel digital campaigns to push bookings.
  • Introduced system of regular monitoring and quarterly reporting.


  • Almost £2m revenue generated annually through the website.
  • 25% increase in unique visitors year-on-year.
  • Over 30,000 unique visitors to the website every month.
  • Number 1 Google organic search results for a wide range of non-brand keyword phrases.
  • Email campaigns with up to 30% open rates, 5% CTR and substantial direct income generated.
  • Spa voucher sales that generate £100,000 in sales in one week