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Hotel Internet Marketing Services – Hotel Website Design

Hotel website design to maximise online visibility and booking conversion optimisation: Your website must convert lookers into bookers!

A hotel website is the central hub of all your internet marketing activity. It must be focused on maximising the conversion of visitors into bookings and be as visible as possible to search engines. How the site is designed, structured, written and built all have a major impact on the conversion rate and search engine optimisation. All of our hotel website designs are developed to optimise the conversion rate and SEO.

Other internet marketing tools such as Google Adwords, Email or Social Media will drive visitors to your website. Once they arrive you can entice them with ‘persuasion assets’ to make a booking and to sign up to your email newsletters. Design for usability is critical in providing your potential customers with the information they need in a clear and organised manner, encouraging them to book along the way.

Modern websites should also fully integrate with your social media marketing and encourage interaction with your brand. Video on your hotel website is also an ideal technique for engaging customers. An engaged customer is likely to be a loyal customer!

Finally, in today’s digital mobile society, a mobile optimised version of your website is a valuable enhancement. It is estimated that by 2015 more people will be browsing the internet using a mobile device than a desktop PC so it’s a good idea to develop one now.

A mobile version of your website should be:

  • Faster
  • Efficient & Simple
  • Short & Concise
  • Scaled down graphics
  • One-click map
  • One-click call
  • Enhance mobile SEO

We can produce mobile versions of your hotel website that will be perfectly optimised to capture the mobile market.

Hotel Website Checklist:

Is 50% or more of your hotel revenue being delivered by your website?

Are you appearing on the 1st page of Google results for hotel keyword searches that include your location but not your brand name?

Do you achieve at least a 3% conversion rate of visitors to bookings?

Does your social media integrate with your website with content such as Twitter & Facebook feeds?

Is it regularly encouraged and easy to sign up to your Email newsletters?

Do you use video and / or great photography to present your hotel in the best possible light?

Is your website clear and easy to use for new visitors?

Is your written copy engaging, friendly and attractive, encouraging booking?

Does your website work on iPhones and other mobile devices?

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions call or email us to see how we can help. If all this sounds a bit confusing don’t worry, simply complete the form below and we’ll run your current website through our best practice website design checklist process and send you the results.

Yes, please send me an Audit of my current hotel website!

For this audit we will charge a one time fee of £250, payable in full prior to receiving the audit documentation.

Our goal is to help hoteliers succeed online. The Online Distribution Channel is the only growth channel in 2010 and is the cheapest. Smart hoteliers should dedicate increasing proportions of their marketing budgets to internet marketing.

If you would like to work with us to dramatically improve visitors to your website and subsequent online bookings call +44 (0)20 7275 8682 or email us.